he asked his muse to write to him…. this was my response

March 27, 2011 at 3:53 PM

Is this what
you had in mind..

I remember the sleepless nights I had over six years ago when I first met you..

words on a screen that connected me to you, while I was with someone else.. and so were you.. your words kept me awake, awake regardless of the body laying next to me.. and all my thoughts were of you..

You made love to me in the most penetrable of ways, with your words, with the intellect of you..

no hand, fingers, lip, moist tongue and wet intimate contact could ever compare or obtain what you have of me..

I imagined you..

Used every verb to design you in my mind..
and it did you no justice..

I remember the night I first saw you over five years ago and how we drank to ease the nervousness and even if the love made that night was not what great romances are made of, I kept it tender in my heart and never forgot you.. because you never let me

You surfaced every chance You wanted.. you called the shots and I yielded every time and still do and even if it will end because it Will..
I want it to end me loving you tender and not enraged

remember a woman’s rage, it is never what you want..

yet I wanted you and still do..
thought of you as I lived in a foreign home, your home for years and learned your tongue because English words thrown together thoughtlessly were no longer enough to express what emerged in me when I thought of you, and still does, damn you..

for having that ability
but I will soon act upon the conviction that that Ability you have is because I gave it to you, and I will take it away..

just as soon as I learn how or just as soon as the effect wears off..

its only been about 2,000 days since our paths crossed
even if they decidedly do not run parallel, I can only pray they continue to progress
away from each other,

amore folle

let me go

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