August FIRST, 2010

It’s been a year since I wrote that entry. The one with the same date that spoke about my adventure with my little cousin Andrew..
At the time I was on route with the planning of my Life, having just moved back from Italy not so long before then.. so much has changed..
And tonight I sit in a comfortable bed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. 38695_417004531465_1718446_nand it’s like I can’t and can believe it, my being in foreign countries is becoming commonplace but I don’t want to feel like it is, I want to reserve that feeling of wonder when you experience something new..

– 2010








I was granted the opportunity to go to Buenos Aires, thanks to a friend I met and kept from studying and living in Florence, Geraldine Cunto.

Gera y Bea


Geraldine is Argentinian and amazingly talented and comes from a tight knit family that love and support her..  her mother Beatriz, I believe is the force behind that.. My safe introduction to Italy was thanks to her Dad Rolando.. but that’s another post I promise to write..


I stayed in Buenos Aires for one month in August and it was winter, their winter. I was given the opportunity to intern at La Martina and needless to say I had a blast.

Here are some pictures taken while in Buenos Aires..

Of the people, at work, on the bus.. of the market, the gardens, the streets, of their churches, their cemeteries, their architecture, their art, all that speaks volumes about them…


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