But there isn’t a pill for that..

January 4, 2009 at 8:18 PM

For my indecision.. to settle my mind
For my upset stomach? Of course.. a headache? Certainly..
For the lingering pain on my lower back? .. I found some caplets for my acidity that can take care of that..
But what about my racing thoughts?
Something for my constant need to know if I’m taking the right road?
A pill just in case I regret the decisions I make?
Is there something I can take?
There isn’t a pill for that..
What about my shortness of breath?.. wait, my asthma isn’t a problem anymore..
But the seconds that tick away are..
The seconds that turn into minutes like the sneeze that brings on a cough..
Quick, take vitamin C, yet there is no stopping the clock..
There must be something to make me feel happy? Yes there is
There must be something to numb the pain? Yes there is
But nothing for my worries..
Nothing for the possibility of failure, for love unrequited
Nothing for the dread of reaching that last minute unaccomplished..
Still no pill for that, but there is one cure
And like all effective medicines, it never goes down smoothly..

Its called living..


Written while living in Florence, 2009

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