I made a mistake…

thinking that other ways of ‘getting to know’ people would be different…
Or rather that the reason why some people use these methods were different.. but they aren’t..
Stupid me
Man will always be man, doesn’t matter what century or millennium or level of technology.. if you go by donkey or on Eurostar.. the nature of man will  never change..
And where does that leave us that wait.. we aren’t looking.. because in the end, you can look till you go crazy but what is destined for you will happen, whether you look for it or not, therefore.. I will wait and that’s it..

I was doing it because I don’t have the physical time to be at the ‘bar’, nor the latest trendy spot for happy hour.. but better yet, because we are connected.. always connected.. to this web.. wireless..
I thought, why not try.. I’m already on it, looking at my family from a distance, talking to them, laughing with them and my friends I left behind.. and so I was at the mercy of this thing that lays on my lap as if it were a part of my body.. without a wire..
but in love, ‘Rosa’ I say to myself.. ‘how do you think it possible to make contact ‘wireless’’..
if that relationship is like fabric, so many threads interwoven to make something as fragile as silk, easy to damage if you do not take care for it or it can be strong like cotton that stands the test of time for better or worse..
and it covers you, first your heart, ever so slowly, then your body..  your legs, your arms and finally your head.. cause if we speak frankly, when we fall in love, the heart is in command of everything.. everything.. it is not your eyes that look, it is your heart.. then later.. after many years.. 10, 20.. 30 if you’re lucky like those before you, that’s when your head takes over (logic).. How can you stand someone after all that time, without logic?!! Come On!!

But it’s always beautiful.. that fabric
if it weren’t for fear that stops us..
Wrong or not..
I’ll wait


This is the translation of yesterday’s post on my experience of online dating while living in Florence.

In Italian the word ‘filo’ means both WIRE and THREAD, therefore when they say ‘senza filo’ that means wireless. This is where the comparison of wireless to fabric comes in.

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